30 min Online Tapping Circles

Tapping Circles are offered by qualified EFT Tapping practitioners and pracitioners in training, in a live and online format.  You may utilize this as a place to casually try out Tapping, and/or as an ongoing accountability/support group for stress management.    During our time together, participants will be guided with mindfulness tools and nerve calming exercises.  No prior knowledge or experience is needed – just your willingness to Tap along, with gentle curiosity and open-mindedness.  Please feel free to share these Tapping Circles with your colleagues, team and your friends – all are welcome.   The better managed our stress, the better we function, the better we can serve and support our loved ones, community, and workplace…. the better our lives, and the better the world 🙂

To register to join a single session, please visit here->  EventBrite (open for all.)
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1. First Thursdays, 12:00-12:30pm
Facilitators: Georgia Barnwell (Canada) & Stacey Jones (NC)
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2. Second Fridays, 3:00~3:25pm EST
Facilitators: Andrea Lewis (NY) &/or Mitsuko Ito (GT)
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3. Third Tuesdays, 3:00~3:25pm EST 
Facilitators: Mitsuko Ito &/or guests
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4. Fourth Mondays, 12:00-12:30pm EST
Facilitators: Andrea Lewis (NY) &/or Terry Hernon (CT)
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While sharing Tapping at GT originated as a peer to peer well being effort in ECE/COE, the free, weekly, Tapping Circle offering is only made possible thanks to the committed support from a large number of external EFT Tapping practitioners.  Joining and signing up for the Tapping Circle indicates that you agree to the disclaimer and understand that these Tapping Circles are offered to the public as well.