Tapping Circles

Self-Regulation Tapping Circles 2023 – 2024

We offer short and sweet Tapping Circles to support self-care and stress management.   No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.  All are welcome to drop in to give the nerve calming exercises a try.  If you wish to stay in touch in some ways, and/or join the GT mailing list to receive same day reminder/notification, please register here.   Otherwise, hopefully the following calendar makes it easier for you to signup/join for now.
(Facilitators, schedules and system are subject to change.)

Our Current Tapping Facilitators

1st & 3rd Tuesdays with Melissa Lester, LSCW
“Melissa is a patient teacher who works with her students to let them discover that they can help calm their bodies by holding/tapping on specific points on their heads, hands, and body. It feels so good to be in the tapping circles. I know that I feel much more relaxed after attending them.” – GT Staff
*NEW!  Starts May 1st!  Welcome Annie!*
1st & 3rd Wednesdays with Annie Mood,

EFT Practitioner, HeartMath Coach, Teacher
Web: anniemood.newzenler.com
2nd & 4th Fridays with Wendy Yu
Group Facilitator
GT: Program Manager – Leadership Development & Culture
Grief Circles & Substitute, Mitsuko Ito
ECE Well-Being Activator
Academic Program Coordinator (VIP Program)
The better managed our stress, the better we function, the better we can serve and support our loved ones, community, and workplace…. the better our lives, and the better the world.  With such spirit, we are grateful for the generously donated time and energy from many practitioners and trainers, for offering to hold these safe space since 2020.  Previous facilitators from as early as 2020 can be found here.