This site was generated in response to the COVID-19 crisis that has hit GT campus hard (as it did everywhere else) in March 2020.  Within one week, GT went from having regular classes and operations (3/12), to exploring having instructions move online, to letting students know they are not to come back, to the whole campus Research Ramp Down (3/19).   … and many other themes, events, tragedies, too many to list in the subsequent months to follow….  No doubt 2020 and the aftermath has brought a great deal of confusion, overwhelm, many emotions and distress.  Although we at GT had been blessed with protective leadership, a strong community, along with other favorable factors allowing us to withstand the crisis as a whole, how individuals have been impacted varies greatly, and the need to be collectively resilient has never been greater.

“Tapping,” in the current Westernized form, has been in existence in the US from around the 70s or 90s (depending on which Tapping you are focusing on.)  Prior to the most recent explosion of clinical evidence as well as scientific research that validates the efficacy of this stress management tool, Tapping has been a powerful tool for the progressive, brave frontier clinicians as well as those in the business and athletic community who are willing to experiment for results.  The type of “Tapping” that is being shared on this site is not exactly EFT Tapping (which is the most clinically studied and researched form of Tapping.)  Rather, to make it more applicable for many, safest to apply, as well as easier to learn, a simpler, non-verbal version will be introduced as the Basic Tapping.  This still can be quite powerful and effective as you can see from the evidence that it has even supported genocide survivors and descendants’ PTSD symptoms.

This powerful self-regulation tool (or trauma reprocessing tool when used under the guidance of well trained hands) has understandably been considered “weird” in the past.  The underlying practice of Tapping has been in existence in the East (at least) for thousands of years.  It is time for Tapping to be more widely acknowledged, embraced and practiced as, even if this may not be for everyone, there are a good number of people who find this to be a powerful and valuable stress management tool.  Thanks to the understanding and support of ECE, COE and many other units across GT, we have had the opportunity to share this information more widely on campus and beyond.  This simple and easy to apply tool is available to anyone, and is in alignment with our Institute motto to advance the human conditions and to support wellbeing on campus.   It is our hope that if visitors find the information interesting, applicable and helpful to one’s life in addition to our work and academic performance.  May each of us be further empowered knowing we can manage stress effectively and easily.

Emotional control and pressure release. Tapping is indeed useful, and is a good way to make you feel safe and calm inside. I can definitely recommend this to my group members.” –  ECE Award Receiver, Ph.D. Student

“I actually ended up using the tapping skills later that day when I had to give some presentations, and it totally worked and calmed me.  Big thanks to you, and we can’t wait for another opportunity!” – GT Staff

*Many thanks goes to the many external Tapping practitioners, trainers and communities also, whose support and collaboration has been critical in providing the ongoing free Tapping Circles.  For any on-campus inquiries or workshop requests (free to all campus units) please contact tapping-info@groups.gatech.edu  or mito-six (at) gatech.

“After hearing the positive experience with Tapping in an Inclusive Leaders Academy small group, I knew I had to find a way to bring this technique to my colleagues. Mitsuko’s session was very informative and really went into the science behind this ancient stress management method. We had the opportunity to do two short tapping sessions and it definitely made me excited to attend a regular tapping circle session. I love that there is such a positive and beneficial resource right here at Georgia Tech for faculty, staff, and students to utilize.”

– Nicole L. | Institute for Leadership and Social Impact

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